Do You Bible Journal?

I am not the greatest artist. My drawing skills are generally limited to stick figures and childlike landscapes.

My brother, Dan, is very artistic. My daughter, Claira is very artistic. Their drawings are beautifully done – abstract, landscape, shadowing, etc.

I know my limitations, and although I can sketch a bit better now than when I first tried, I have found a groove in Bible Journaling. It helps that there are beautiful artists who share their Bible Journal templates, sketches and images that I can trace or attach to my Bible and color in.

salvatore ventura at Pexels

I’m a pretty good colored pencil user. lol

Whether or not you can draw more than a stick figure, maybe you’d be interested in a Bible Journaling online Conference. Bible Journaling is a way of exploring God’s Word through use of creative media, inks, crafting & art supplies, and is completely personal. There’s no right or wrong way to Bible Journal!

I have been part of a few previous conferences, but this theme is HOPE IN THE LORD and I think it is PERFECT for 2020!

(Click a link to find out more details about this awesome conference!)

I have signed up for the free conference and added it to my calendar so I can view the videos and get the freebie downloads…

These conferences have always been worth my time, and you have an option to sign up for an All-Access Pass so you can watch the videos at your convenience whenever you’d like. It’s entirely up to you!

Bible Journaling is not just about coloring in a Bible. It is a way to incorporate creativity in worship and study of Scripture. I find it is often invigorating and the speakers all have unique aspects which they share.

I am in no way affiliated with or receive compensation from the Bible Journaling Conference. I just love sharing it with anyone who might be interested!!!

Let me know if you sign up!

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